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Welcome to DARMEX México

Company with more than 30 years of experience providing solutions in plastic injection, thermoforming, molds, prototypes for the automotive, mechanical, electrical and electronics industries.

Plastic Injection, Thermoforming, Mold Making and Prototyping.

Suppliers of the Automotive Industry. ISO 9000 Quality Certification: 2008

Aluminum Tapes for Coaxial Cables for the Automotive Industry and Telecommunications.

Manufacture diverse in widths and thicknesses, standard measures or special requirements.


The goal is our goal, transforming the process into achievement, satisfying customers as the DARMEX staff.


Plastic Injection, Thermoforming and Molding

Manufacture all kinds of resin molds and vacuum formed, valances, blisters, containers, displays, signs and all kinds of parts for the automotive market.

Plastic Injection

Injection of the following materials: ABS, PP, PC, PA, Nylon, POM, Acetal, PS, HDPE, LDPE, among others.

Manufacture of rapid prototypes of plastic injection molds.

Manufacture of thermoforming

If you already have your mold and require a superior manufacturing, Darmex is the answer to your needs, make-up of any type of thermoforming.

Design and manufacture of molds

Specialists in mold manufacturing for PET G, resin, polyester, wood aluminum, silicone.

  • Blister
  • Blister Pack
  • Thermoformed pans
  • Exhibitor design
  • Thermoforming parts
  • Design on plastic sheets
  • Sheet styrene
  • Styrene per roll
  • Vacuum formed displays
  • Vacuum formed in general
  • Polystyrene foils for printing
  • Láminas dobles
  • Double sheets
  • UV-coated sheets
  • Plastic Printing Machinery
  • Molds for thermoforming machines

Aluminum Tapes For Automotive Industry and Telecommunications

Since 2014 DARMEX establishes manufacturing plant in China to be competitive with prices.

Quality monitored strictly under corporate guidelines.

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